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Embracing Minimally Invasive Surgical Treatment for Endometrial Cancer

Andrew M. Kaunitz, MD reviewing Casarin J et al. Obstet Gynecol 2018 Jan 9

Large U.S. analysis indicates adoption of laparoscopic techniques has improved postoperative outcomes.

Prognosis for BRCA-Mutated Breast Cancer

William J. Gradishar, MD reviewing Copson ER et al. Lancet Oncol 2018 Jan 11

Survival is similar between BRCA mutation carriers versus those with sporadic disease.

Pancreatic Cancer Organoids Successfully Created Ex Vivo

Douglas G. Adler, MD, FACG, AGAF, FASGE reviewing Tiriac H et al. Gastrointest Endosc 2018 Jan 8

Tissue acquired with endoscopic ultrasound–guided fine-needle biopsy was used to grow organoids successfully in two thirds of pancreatic tumors sampled.

Molecular Signature for Platinum Sensitivity in Breast Cancer

William J. Gradishar, MD reviewing Zhao EY et al. Clin Cancer Res 2017 Dec 15

Specific signatures may be able to identify which patients are most likely to respond to platinum-based chemotherapy.

Electrical Field Therapy for Glioblastoma

Roy E. Strowd, MD reviewing Stupp R et al. JAMA 2017 Dec 19

Adding tumor-treating electrical-field therapy to maintenance temozolomide chemotherapy significantly improved survival in patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma.

Surveillance vs. Metastasis-Directed Therapy for Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer

Robert Dreicer, MD, MS, FACP, FASCO reviewing Ost P et al. J Clin Oncol 2017 Dec 14

Patients who received metastasis-directed therapy had somewhat longer androgen-deprivation therapy–free survival.

A Recombinant IL-1 Receptor Antagonist for Schnitzler's Syndrome

David Green, MD, PhD reviewing Rowczenio DM et al. Blood 2017 Dec 28

Treatment with anakinra conferred a complete response in 95% of patients.

Atezolizumab for Advanced Urothelial Cancer

Robert Dreicer, MD, MS, FACP, FASCO reviewing Powles T et al. Lancet 2017 Dec 18, Massari F and Di Nunno V. Lancet 2017 Dec 18

Overall survival was not improved with the PD-L1 inhibitor atezolizumab versus chemotherapy in patients with highest PD-L1 expression.

NEJM Journal Watch Oncology and Hematology Top Stories of 2017

William J. Gradishar, MD

A perspective on the most important research in the field from the past year

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Daten nach 8 Jahren Follow-up in der WHI(Women’s Health Initiative)-Studie hatten eine gewisse Reduktion der Brustkrebstodesfälle durch eine Diät gezeigt, bei der weniger Fett, aber mehr Früchte, Gemüse und Ballaststoffe verzehrt wurden. Im jetzigen Bericht nach 16 Jahren Follow-up war diese Reduktion statistisch nicht mehr signifikant, es wurden aber eine leichte Verminderung der Zahl der prognostisch ungünstigeren Tumoren und weniger kardiovaskuläre Todesfälle berichtet.

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Pembrolizumab for Cisplatin-Ineligible Patients with Advanced Urothelial Cancer

Robert Dreicer, MD, MS, FACP, FASCO reviewing Balar AV et al. Lancet Oncol 2017 Sep 26

First-line therapy demonstrated antitumor activity in a phase II study.

Restarting Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy for Breast Cancer

William J. Gradishar, MD reviewing He W et al. J Natl Cancer Inst 2017 Oct 01

Disease-free survival is significantly improved in patients who restart therapy versus those who do not restart after discontinuation.

Maintenance Immunotherapy for Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Michael E. Williams, MD, ScM reviewing Le Gouill S et al. N Engl J Med 2017 Sep 28

The use of rituximab following consolidation therapy and autologous stem cell transplantation significantly improved patient outcomes.

Adding Lorazepam to Haloperidol Might Help Alleviate Agitated Delirium in Advanced-Cancer Patients

Thomas L. Schwenk, MD reviewing Hui D et al. JAMA 2017 Sep 19, Pandharipande PP and Ely EW. JAMA 2017 Sep 19

Short-term reductions in agitation were helpful, but other components of delirium need further study.

Consolidation Immunotherapy After Chemoradiation for Advanced Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer

Anne S. Tsao, MD reviewing Antonia SJ et al. N Engl J Med 2017 Sep 8

Adding durvalumab to standard therapy significantly improved outcomes, but longer follow-up is required.

Axillary Dissection Unnecessary in Breast Cancer Patients with Positive Sentinel Lymph Nodes

Henry Mark Kuerer, MD, PhD, FACS reviewing Giuliano AE et al. JAMA 2017 Sep 12, Livingston EH and Li HC. JAMA 2017 Sep 12

Long-term results confirm that survival is noninferior with sentinel versus axillary dissection.

Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Esophageal Adenocarcinoma

David H. Ilson, MD, PhD reviewing Alderson D et al. Lancet Oncol 2017 Sep

More intense preoperative chemotherapy fails to improve survival.

Nivolumab for Metastatic MSI-High/dMMR Colorectal Cancer

David H. Ilson, MD, PhD reviewing Overman MJ et al. Lancet Oncol 2017 Sep

The anti-PD-1 agent nivolumab was active in biomarker-defined patients with microsatellite instability-high or DNA mismatch repair-deficient disease.

Does Cutting Dietary Fat Affect Breast Cancer Outcomes?

Andrew M. Kaunitz, MD reviewing Chlebowski RT et al. J Clin Oncol 2017 Sep 1

Women's Health Initiative randomized trial findings suggest lowering dietary fat also lowers mortality after breast cancer.

Prothrombin Complex Concentrate for Bleeding from Direct Oral Anticoagulants

David Green, MD, PhD reviewing Majeed A et al. Blood 2017 Aug 23

Treatment was effective for 70% of hemorrhages associated with apixaban or rivaroxaban.